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ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ! の「Pokémon Synchronicity」の詳細情報を公開!



今年も8月10日(金)~16日(木)に、横浜市みなとみらい地区で、「ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ! Science is Amazing!」を開催するよ。夜に開催されるショー、「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」の詳細情報についてお知らせするよ!

「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」は、海上に浮かぶ映像を背景に、たくさんのピカチュウによる約30分間のシップパレードだよ。日本丸メモリアルパークの芝生エリアから見ることができるから楽しみにしていてね!

「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」開催概要

  • 開催期間:8月10日(金)~16日(木)
  • 開催時間:(開場 18:30) 開演 20:00
  • 開催場所:みなとみらい内港 (日本丸メモリアルパーク芝生エリア付近)
  • 入場料:無料

「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」の観覧場所は、3つのスペースに分かれているよ。開場の18:30からスペースへご案内可能ですが、一部スペースにおいて、当日の11時から、事前に整理券を配布するよ。



◎配布場所:「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」入場ゲート(日本丸メモリアルパークのJR桜木町駅側)


  • 整理券の数には限りがございますので、なくなり次第配布終了となります。
  • 整理券は、お1人様につき1枚までとさせていただきます。ただし、小学生未満のお子様は、整理券は必要ございません。
  • 整理券は、1日につき約1,000枚発行いたします。
  • 整理券は、紛失、焼失、破損等、事情に関わらず、再発行いたしません。大切に保管ください。
  • 整理券の転売はご遠慮ください。


「Pokémon Synchronicity(ポケモンシンクロニシティ)」を楽しく観覧いただくよう、下記のご観覧の注意を必ずご確認ください。

The Details of Pokemon Synchronicity at Pikachu Outbreak Revealed!

From Friday, August 10 to Thursday, August 16, the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama will once again host “Pikachu Outbreak! Science is Amazing!” Here, we present the details of Pokémon Synchronicity.

Pokémon Synchronicity is a 30-minute show featuring a ship parade with a lot of Pikachu against a background of images floating on the sea, all of which can be viewed from the lawn space at Nippon Maru Memorial Park.

Event Overview

  • Date: Friday, August 10 to Thursday, August 16, 2018
  • Time: (Opens at 6:30 PM) First Show: 8:00 PM
  • Venues: Minato Mirai port area (near the Nippon Maru Memorial Park lawn space)
  • Admission free.

How to Watch
Viewing area is composed of three sections.
Numbered admission tickets will be issued for certain section of the viewing area at Pokémon Synchronicity.
Distribution Time: 11:00 AM same day (as the day of the viewing).

While there are viewing areas that do not require tickets (with capacity for roughly 1,000 viewers),
visitors may not be admitted if the area reaches capacity, even if they lined up in time for the opening.


On the Issuing of Admission Tickets

  • Distribution Time: 11:00 AM same day (as the day of the viewing)
  •  *Tickets valid for the same day only will be issued every day within the event period. These tickets may not be used on a different day.
  • Distribution Place: Pokémon Synchronicity admission gate (JR Sakuragicho Station side of Nippon Maru Memorial Park)


  • Quantities are limited and are only available while supplies last.
  • Only one ticket will be issued per visitor.
  •  *About 1,000 tickets will be issued each day.
     *Tickets are not required for preschool aged children.

  • Tickets cannot be reissued regardless of circumstances, such as loss, destruction by fire, or damage. Be sure to stow it a safe place.
  • Please refrain from reselling tickets.
  • *Tickets will not be issued for the Boat Greeting in the afternoon.


Viewing Precautions
To ensure an enjoyable viewing experience at Pokémon Synchronicity, please be sure to check the following precautions.

「Pokémon Synchronicity」詳細




横浜みなとみらい地区 みなとみらい内港 (日本丸メモリアルパーク芝生エリア付近)



Event Outline

Event Time and Date

August 10 to August 16

Host Venue

Yokohama Minato Mirai Area

Pokémon Synchronicity Viewing Precautions

 ・Shows may be cancelled or suspended out of concern for viewer safety in the event of stormy weather (based on the host's standards) such as extreme heat, gales, rainfall, or lightning, as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons. Cancellations will be announced on official Pokémon Twitter.
 ・The day of the event is expected to be very hot. Be sure to pay attention to your physical condition and take measures against heatstroke, such as bringing your own fans and towels and hydrating frequently when participating in the event.
 ・All viewing areas in Nippon Memorial Park use a capacity system. Visitors may not be admitted if capacity is reached.
 ・Use the special tarps distributed at the entrance in the viewing area.
 ・While photography is permitted, please refrain from using tripods or other devices that may create a nuissance for other viewers.
 ・Glowsticks will be used during the performance. Please be sure to return these glowsticks when leaving.
 ・Members of the media and photography staff from the organizer will be present on the day of the event and may photograph or record viewers. Please be aware that this footage, still images or video may be publicly published.

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