Pokémon sightings are popping up all over Yokohama!
Photogenic decorations will be placed all over the Yokohama area, including themed areas featuring Pokémon from each region and more! Seek, snap, share, and enjoy!

Area Overview

Minatomirai 21 promenade

Themed areas modeled after the various Pokémon regions will be present around Yokohama's Minatomirai 21!

Placement Locations:

  • - Queen's Square Yokohama
  • - Navios Yokohama
  • - NIPPON MARU Memorial Park
  • - MARK IS Minatomirai
  • - Marine & Walk Yokohama
  • - Yokohama Cosmoworld
  • - Yokohama Hammerhead
  • - Yokohama World Porters
  • - Landmark Plaza
  • * Placement locations may be subject to change.

Various Pokémon will appear in artwork all around town!
There will be many more other than these, so keep an eye out for them!

  • * These are concept images. The placement contents may be subject to change.

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